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How does it work?

KÖPRÜ gives its members the opportunity to meet with common ideas, projects and social benefits on a social digital network. Since its active members are from various actors of the system, it supports all change leaders who want to create positive social benefit through cooperation.

BRIDGE is not just a meeting place. It is also the facilitator's service delivery and networking channel for individuals and entrepreneurs.

BRIDGE is also an education and activity portal for all individuals and New World organizations who are willing to worry about the problems of our planet and take their responsibility.

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Build Your Own Bridge
Member Announces his idea / project

Finds members who share this idea

It matures its project by establishing Joint Working Groups

It receives professional support in the areas it needs.

Vision, Mission Organizational development, mentoring,

Personal/Spiritual Development

Creates a network

Seeks funding for his project

Shares their experience on the platform for the benefit of the entire ecosystem

what's going on on the bridge
Can participate in / Announce events

Join Another Bridge

How do I become a member?
How do I create a profile?

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