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Bridge Academy
Bridge to Development

Bridge  Akademi is a synergetic partner in the change and growth processes of leaders, entrepreneurs and institutions.

Our aim; To contribute to the creation of a sustainable eco-system and corporate development processes of organizations that create social value with up-to-date and innovative approaches, with consultancy, coaching and training services.

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Against rapidly changing market conditions,Agility of organizations -business agility-for;empowerment of employees, change of mindsetAndcultural transformationIt offers programs that support the internal dynamics of change, such as

“Empowered employees are individuals who can take initiative, work with a development mentality, are original, proactive and can adapt quickly to change.

The programs that we have created specifically for the unique needs of each institution  ve aim not only to empower their employees, but also to increase and update the competencies of their leaders, who are the locomotive of their development  .

Thus, these institutions continue their journey of growth.sustainablethey produce value.

Our Programs and Services

1. Leadership Development

   * Leadership Circle 360
  Evaluation (Individual) 
   *  Leadership / Executive Coaching 121_cc781905-5cdef-3194-
  Leadership Teams
   * Leadership Team 360 Review
   * Leadership Team Coaching
   * Creative Leadership Program

2. Team Building 
   * Team Coaching (Personalized)

3. Empowerment of Employees
   (Individual Development in Groups and Teams)
   *  Reinforcing Circles Program_cc781905-5cde-5813594-


4. Cultural Transformation 
  * Corporate Culture Review and Workshop
  * Diversity and Inclusion Workshop


5. Human Resources Services and Consulting 
•    Organizational Evaluation
•    Agile Conversion
•    HR Process Consultancy
•    Talent Gain 
•    Talent Rating 


6. Seminars

Planned services:
7. Entrepreneurship Program
8. Innovation
9. Youth empowerment 


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