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Add Purpose to Your Life, Add Life to Your Purpose!

Purpose Workshop for those who want to find their purpose, add meaning to their purpose and create more impact in the world

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Add Purpose to Your Life, Add Life to Your Purpose!
Add Purpose to Your Life, Add Life to Your Purpose!

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20 Mar 2022, 17:00 – 26 Mar 2022, 19:00

Online Event


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We each have our own unique design, which is a combination of our strengths, talents and what motivates us. Living from our unique, original design is our authentic self-expression. An authentic life involves bravely asserting who we are in the world and doing what we are passionate about.

yourself for a moment; Imagine doing something you love, are naturally involved in, and are really good at! Doesn't that give you joy, vitality and satisfaction?

Wouldn't you be more successful because you were more eager to learn and improve in this field?

Bridge Academy aims to bridge your unique, authentic self-expression with this experiential Purpose Workshop.

The content of our workshop will help you uncover your individual purpose and find the job that's right for you, step-by-step, while our speakers will inspire you on how to achieve it.

Our workshop will act as a compass for you to find your personal Pole Star.

At the end of the workshop:

   - You will reveal your purpose

   - You will make sense of your purpose

   - You will understand more what you are passionate about,

   - You will review your unique talents, strengths, and motivations

   - You will reconnect with your values and honor them more in your life

   - You will meet new people and bond

   - You will discover ways to increase your domain.

Event date and Flow:

Session 1: Sunday, March 20, 2022 17.00 – 19.00

Creating a meta view and vision of our lives

Session 2: Tuesday, March 22, 2022 19.30 – 21.30

Finding personal values and strengths

3rd Session 26 March 2022 Saturday 17.00 -19.00

Revealing and internalizing our purpose

Conditions of participation:

  • Each session of this workshop, designed as three sessions, offers independent gains from each other. Completing all three workshops that follow will offer in-depth insight into understanding the concept of "purpose", meeting your unique authentic self, and beginning a more fulfilling life design.
  • Since it is an experiential workshop, the number of participants is limited. Priority will be given according to the order of application.
  • Our workshop will take place online and free of charge. After you fill out the registration form, the workshop link will be sent to you by e-mail.


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